EHT was founded to create better supply chain management platforms for SMEs. By leveraging recent innovations in logistics, inventory management and fulfillment, and tailoring software specifically to each business model, we reduce friction in the ability of businesses to participate and succeed in global consumer marketplaces.

Discussing the Numbers


Elevating small farms and giving them a path to market is a clear way to support our local economies and combat the damage big agriculture has had on climate change.  The industrialization of agriculture has brought upon great environmental challenges facing our world. Reducing our dependence on the mono-cropping ways of cultivation and moving towards supporting the organic, diversified, permaculture and small craft farming practices produces fruits and vegetables that not only taste better, but are better for you and the environment.   

We are dedicated to developing custom software solutions to meet the needs of small CPG businesses in dynamic environments. As industrialization has brought about a major wave of consolidation in consumables across all categories, the ability of independently owned companies to compete depends upon streamlining all elements of the business that are a prequel to consumer brand visibility. We elevate SMEs and give them a path to market by allowing them to compete with larger brands with sophisticated software solutions for their internal operations.


EHT creates integrated end-to-end technology platforms targeting the CPG industry, that streamline supply chain management, inventory management, accounting processes and visibility and delivery logistics.

Because most businesses use off-the-rack software solutions like TradeGecko, Orderhive and Fishbowl, owners and operators are often left with piecemeal solutions that do not cover the specific needs of the business model and often require confusing bandaid workflows to make the platform work for the company.

Our technology services are different, as our systems are focused on customization and streamlining the complexity of the entire supply chain, from sourcing from infinite number of vendors, to providing full traceability through conversion to packaging, warehousing, shipment and delivery. We provide all the data you need to run your business successfully and transact with confidence across your supply chain.